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-Yarn Floozy-
Put that in your pope and smike it.
3rd-May-2006 08:58 am
Random Pencil knitting
Yeah, so It's been several months since I last updated. As usual school has been keeping me busy enough that I haven't had much time to knit and even less time to blog. My knitting projects look pretty much like this:

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Teddy bear for Marsha, a sock, the shrug I have been working on since November, a swatch of self striping yarn I dyed, a hat, a scarf, and a bunch of yarn that Deb from tuesday's knitting group has been showering me with. She seriously needs to quit giving me all this nice yarn. I might start getting spoiled. That pearly lump is a knitted wire tiara for lannaspartaflag ( I finished it at least two months ago and keep forgetting to give it to her, and get a better picture of it before I do)

yarn_tart found a bunch of Jacquard silk painting stuff at Great Freight (the local "fell off the back of a truck" discount store) and bought all of it for me. How she managed it so perfectly I'll never know but she managed to get every single thing I would need for a starter kit. Silk paint in all of the primary colors plus brown ( I can't mix browns to save my life) and black, a bottle of resist and silk salt. Do you think asking her to marry me would be going a little over the top?

This is not really related to knitting but yarn_tart and lj user="yarn_nymph"> also had a professional (read "Mercenary") punch a hole in my head for a birthday present. Fortunately for them and for me their marketing skills are so good that I actually thanked them for the privilege

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Finally the super exciting wonderful fantabulous thing that has kept me busy these past few months: I've been getting ready to spend the summer studying abroad in Luneburg Germany! I'll be going there to study public history and political science, but we all know that I'm actually just going there to find yarn. I'm really not sure how much time I will have in front of a computer while I'm over there. I've made wanderdrossel to keep track of my trip and let my family know I'm still alive. If I can find the time I will update this journal with my travel knitting but if not it will all be on wanderdrossel.
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