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-Yarn Floozy-
Put that in your pope and smike it.
26th-Feb-2006 05:15 pm
beer cozy
The above title would be an expression of great frustration.

I have finished a couple projects but I cannot take pictures of them...or rather I've taken pictures of them but the lab computers will not let me transfer them from my computer to the schools computer. Selfish jerks.

I'm currrently in a pre-midterms week panic. I have three tests in all of my hardest classes this week. Joy.

I have also not sent the Life magazine article to the people I told I would send it too. I'm terribly sorry. I will get my act together after mid-terms.

I'm having serious issues with having a bunch of pretty pretty yarn but NOT having enough to do anything useful with it. It's really starting to bug me.

I didmanage to finish my socks before the olympics deadline. They are awesome! I've already ordered some dye-it-yourself yarn in fingering weight so I can make some self striping sock yarn.

Off to do something useful with myself.
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