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-Yarn Floozy-
Put that in your pope and smike it.
I've been a naughty girl.... 
15th-Jan-2006 09:47 pm
Random Pencil knitting
So much for finishing a project before I start a new one. So much for not buying stuff for more projects until I've made a dent on the stack I already have. I've been "Senorita ADHD" for the past week. I still have not finished the Bumblebee Bob Scarf or the cotton candy heart shawl (both christmas presents btw) and I have a stack of projects that have been tempting me away.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
A kit for a double wedding ring quilt inherited from my grandmother, the gorgeous purple wool/tencel roving I couldn't find earlier, a kit of jacquard fabric paint, destined for silk painting, and another thing inherited from my grandmother; a pair of wooden shoes. Damn their siren calls.

Yes, wooden shoes. To tell the truth I still don't know exactly what to do with them. I definitely will be painting them and probably wearing them in public whenever I feel like making a fool of myself, but what exactly is a suitable motif for wooden shoes? My current design plan involves fur trim, sequins, and the color pink. I could wear them out clubbing!

But I digress. Those are the projects I've been able to resist this week.

First I started a scarf in moda-dea's tickertape, decided that I wouldn't have enough yarn if I wanted to fringe it, went to Michael's to see if I could get another skein of the same dye lot. Nada. They don't even carry the yarn anymore. I'm trying to decide between leaving it unfringed, a pity because I love the look of fringed ribbon yarns, or making the fringe out of yarn from a different dye lot.

So then I wandered off to Jo-Ann fabrics with Aprilly. We spent god knows how long wandering around, fondling fabrics and yarn, sticking our noses in books, digging through fabric remnants, and coming up with new ideas for projects. I finally walked out with this:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Remnants were on sale so I dug through maybe four racks of them to find dyeable stuff. I came out with six pieces of white and off-white silk, all between a yard and a half yard and nearly a whole yard of pure white linen for twenty bucks. These are destined for the set of jacquard paints above. I finally got a book of knitting stitch patterns too, which I've been needing (not wanting needing) forever, and for half off to boot. I win.

So after all this instead of going home and, oh I don't know, playing with the toys I already had or the ones I had just bought I decided to spend my evening making a loom.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Building materials are a cardboard crate, duct tape, dowel rods, pvc piping, rug grid, and rubber bands. It's definitely not the prettiest but so far it's worked better than I expected it too. I'm sure I'll go on a long tangent about it later, but for now I am going to go and finish the last repeat on the Bumblebee Bob scarf. I mean it....... Really...... I am going to finish it.....Tonight....For real.

Oh look! Something shiny!
16th-Jan-2006 03:10 pm (UTC)
Robin Clancy I cannot wait to see you in your wooden shoes.
17th-Jan-2006 04:34 pm (UTC)
I have managed to stick with knitting for the almost a year now....although not strictly one project at a time. But this post reminds me of all the things I have lingering in my basement: fabric waiting to be sewn, wood to be cut, paint and glue and....hmmmm. Ah, I have time.
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