I am moving this journal. Or more properly I've decided to merge this journal with wanderdrossel to create a travel/history/knitting blog.

I've already friended everyone I had listed on this journal so if you've been looking at your profile and wondering who wanderdrossel is that would be me.

Among the many reasons I'm doing this are:

1. I have a hard enough time finding the time to update one journal, let alone two. This just makes things easier for me. I am far to busy to promise to update wanderdrossel with anything resembling planned regularity but I do promise that I will try to.

2. We created the names yarn_tart yarn_nymph and yarn_floozy before any of us had heard of the Yarn Harlot. We created them together because we wanted to start a blog for a craft show booth business called Knifty Knits. That idea is pretty much defunct, and since we've discovered the Knifty Knitter and the abundance of Yarn Ho related stuff so the names don't seem all that original anymore.

3. I like randomness, it keeps everyone on their toes and it's really what I'm all about. I figure rambling about several subjects at once is more accurate impression of what's going on in my life anyways.

If you want to still read my ramblings go ahead and friend wanderdrossel If you really have no interest in it I won't be offended if you don't friend it. If you're looking at this entry and wondering who I am and when the hell you friended me, it's probably because I haven't updated this journal in months. Sorry 'bout that. I'll try to do better on this other journal.

So hopefully I'll see y'all over at wanderdrossel!
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Random Pencil knitting

Thank God!!!

I found a yarn store in Germany!

They had sock yarn in Germany colors so I'm knitting a pair of Germany socks for the world cup.

Pictures maybe later, if I ever get around to it.

If you want to know what else I've been up to you'll have to go to wanderdrossel.
Random Pencil knitting


Yeah, so It's been several months since I last updated. As usual school has been keeping me busy enough that I haven't had much time to knit and even less time to blog. My knitting projects look pretty much like this:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Teddy bear for Marsha, a sock, the shrug I have been working on since November, a swatch of self striping yarn I dyed, a hat, a scarf, and a bunch of yarn that Deb from tuesday's knitting group has been showering me with. She seriously needs to quit giving me all this nice yarn. I might start getting spoiled. That pearly lump is a knitted wire tiara for lannaspartaflag ( I finished it at least two months ago and keep forgetting to give it to her, and get a better picture of it before I do)

yarn_tart found a bunch of Jacquard silk painting stuff at Great Freight (the local "fell off the back of a truck" discount store) and bought all of it for me. How she managed it so perfectly I'll never know but she managed to get every single thing I would need for a starter kit. Silk paint in all of the primary colors plus brown ( I can't mix browns to save my life) and black, a bottle of resist and silk salt. Do you think asking her to marry me would be going a little over the top?

This is not really related to knitting but yarn_tart and lj user="yarn_nymph"> also had a professional (read "Mercenary") punch a hole in my head for a birthday present. Fortunately for them and for me their marketing skills are so good that I actually thanked them for the privilege Collapse )

Finally the super exciting wonderful fantabulous thing that has kept me busy these past few months: I've been getting ready to spend the summer studying abroad in Luneburg Germany! I'll be going there to study public history and political science, but we all know that I'm actually just going there to find yarn. I'm really not sure how much time I will have in front of a computer while I'm over there. I've made wanderdrossel to keep track of my trip and let my family know I'm still alive. If I can find the time I will update this journal with my travel knitting but if not it will all be on wanderdrossel.
beer cozy


The above title would be an expression of great frustration.

I have finished a couple projects but I cannot take pictures of them...or rather I've taken pictures of them but the lab computers will not let me transfer them from my computer to the schools computer. Selfish jerks.

I'm currrently in a pre-midterms week panic. I have three tests in all of my hardest classes this week. Joy.

I have also not sent the Life magazine article to the people I told I would send it too. I'm terribly sorry. I will get my act together after mid-terms.

I'm having serious issues with having a bunch of pretty pretty yarn but NOT having enough to do anything useful with it. It's really starting to bug me.

I didmanage to finish my socks before the olympics deadline. They are awesome! I've already ordered some dye-it-yourself yarn in fingering weight so I can make some self striping sock yarn.

Off to do something useful with myself.

Weee! Sock!

Image hosting by Photobucket

I'm more than half way through with my knitting olympics project. Now I understand why so many people love socks! They're so much fun!

I also want to show off this:Collapse )

Shoot Out!

Yesterday I was ready to completely scrap the knitting olympics and just focus on finishing the gazillion projects I already have going but Amanda had already submitted us as a team and I was on the website, so I guess I'll go at it.

But instead of casting on when the flame was lit I went to the Grog Shop with yarn_tart to see Carbon Leaf instead. A friend of mine got me hooked on them about a year ago and I finally got to see them in concert. It was awesome. I love their music because it puts me in a good mood even when I don't want to be. Collapse )
So I'm just sitting here jamming to Queen and working on my socks. I am this far:
Image hosting by Photobucket

I hope socks go as quickly as everyone says they do because I really want to get back to working on Bob and weave. The knitting is kinda boring but the yarn I'm using is absolutely gorgeouse. It's a great mindless project which is really what I need right now.
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Life has been pleasantly busy lately. Not so busy that I'm crazy but just busy enough that I'm not bored. Of course everytime I have to work on something I wish I was knitting, but I have yet to hear of an effective way of satisfying that.

I suppose I should go get ready to take my sock to see the vagina monologues.
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beer cozy

(no subject)

So I figured it was high time to jump on the bandwagon and join the knitting olympics. I was going to do variation on Bob and Weave but I figured maybe it was a little too much knitting for sixteen days on top of school so two days agao I just cast on and went at it. I'm already almost a third of the way through. *curses*

So I think when the olympics roll around I will be knitting magic stripe socks. I know socks are supposed to be a quick knit but it will be challenging for me because it will be the first time I've knit an entire sock and followed a pattern to the letter. I have a hard time with directions, particularly when it comes to following them. Challenging indeed.

Oh! Today I tried knitting with beads and wire today! They haven't turned out exactly the way I wanted and I don't have pictures yet, but I'm going to play with it some more. Hopefully I'll perfect it and start churning out some decent jewelry in the futre.

(no subject)

I'm tres tired but so far I've managed to get everything I was supposed to do this week done.

First of all, if you like crazy yarn check out Moustache rides yarn It's sooooo pretty! *drool*

Speaking of yarn, look what I finally managed to get together in the same location!

Image hosting by Photobucket
And so: Collapse )
It's shiney. It's pretty. It's soft. It's being a pain to spin with. And it's over spun, but I still love it!

I'm not sure if I should keep it as a single though. I originally intended to make it into a herringbone pattern scarf like my so called scarf which I really think looks best in unplyed yarns, but I've never knit with handspun singles before. I'm afraid of it becoming tangled since it's over spun, it falling apart since there are places where it gets super thin, and it becoming all pilled up because....well because. This is only the third yarn I've spun and I don't want to ruin it. So can all of the more experienced knitters or spinners please tell me: Am I being stupid and should just knit it as it is, is there a trick to knitting or spinning singles, or should I just bite the bullet and ply it?

Finally Me and yarn_tart(aprilly) are planning to take a spinning class with the Black Swamp spinning guild in Bowling Green at the end of February. It's only 20$ and they give you a drop spindle and fiber at the end! If you're in the area and want to learn to spin you might want to check it out.
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I am my own worst enemy:

Now that I've found the purple tencel I've been wanting to spin for months I can't find my spindle. *sigh*

I did manage to finally finish the Bumblebee Bob Scarf! Hooray!

And I went on a historical knitting treasure hunt! Well, sorta. I've seen this cover from a 1941 edition of Life Magazine with a girl knitting on the cover floating around on the internet and I was curious about the actual article. Combine that with me deciding that I need to learn how to use a microfilm machine, and I had a perfect excuse.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Collapse )
So, in case you haven't already guessed, I'm giving serious thought to knitting a sample of this up in the near future. That's just what I need, another project! If anyone is still extremely interested in the pattern or the article after reading my long winded summary, leave a comment and I can try to email you a PDF or something. (I'll screen comments with addresses in them)
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Random Pencil knitting

I've been a naughty girl....

So much for finishing a project before I start a new one. So much for not buying stuff for more projects until I've made a dent on the stack I already have. I've been "Senorita ADHD" for the past week. I still have not finished the Bumblebee Bob Scarf or the cotton candy heart shawl (both christmas presents btw) and I have a stack of projects that have been tempting me away.

Collapse )